It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything about myself on this blog. Today is the day I want to open up to all of you and embrace the different elements of my life.

There may be places on this planet where certain aspects from the list below may not be minoritary, but as far as I am concerned, I am the odd one out here in Romania.

1) I am an atheist.

Since the young age of 14, I have declared my doubts towards traditional forms of religions and considered myself an atheist.

I’ve never ruled out the possibility of divinity, I’ve simply postponed it until I would find one who does not want me to burn in Hell (joke).

2) I am vegetarian.

Not yet a vegan – not sure if I could be fully vegan in my country, considering how difficult it is to find something proper to eat when going out. I am ovo-lacto-vegetarian.

I try to buy eggs and dairy products from “safer” sources, but I would like to quit them eventually.

3) I am homosexual.

To all of you who still think it is a choice, trust me on this one, it isn’t. I was naturally attracted to male characters in cartoons way before I could even know what sex meant.

I’ve tried boobs and vaginas, they simply don’t make my blood rush down below. 😂

4) I am polysexual/polyromantic.

Yeah, I am also attracted to multiple genders. More precisely, masculine and neutral ones.

I haven’t yet experimented enough with androginity, but I have a feeling I am much more open that I predicted at first.

5) I am transgender.

I identify myself as genderfluid and I live outside the gender binary. I make my own rules as I go!

I do understand the concept of sexual dimorphism, but that does not stop me from expressing my personality in a masculine or feminine way.

6) I am left-handed.

Predominantly. I can use both hands for simple tasks, but I tend to write and draw with my left one!

I remember being in first grade when my class teacher tried to force me to write in the “normal” way, only to fail miserably. I was quite stubborn back then too, haha!

7) I am a feminist.

Fully committed to eradicating outdated ways of thinking in regard to traditional families, gender roles or cultural norms. Political and religious propaganda make me sick!

8) I am apolitical.

Never have I affiliated myself to a political party, probably never will. I utterly despise politics due to their manipulative tactics and conflictual ideologies.

9) I can’t be racist.

I simply can’t. Not only do I love diversity, but I have intimately interacted with people from all around the world without the slightest trace of anxiety.

10) I can be quite xenophobic!

If the citizens themselves don’t bother me, their common mentality sure does. There are dozens of countries where transphobia, homophobia, sexism and modern slavery still exist. Of course I have no issue bashing their cultures, mostly because it is the 21st century and they have still not opened a science book.

I once talked to a guy from the UK who told me he wasn’t just an atheist, he was an antitheist. He criticized stupidity publicly because he thought it was ridiculous to protect it.

11) I am eclectic.

My beauty ideals are derived from a multitude of sources. I can’t simply be “modern” or “retro” – I need constant diversity in my life and in my wardrobe.

12) I am a hedonist.

Patience is a burden. That is me telling you to go after your dreams and make it as fast as possible! I consider the meaning of life to be immediate pleasure. You can read more about hedonism on Wikipedia, I guess.

That pretty much sums up my life as part of 12 different minorities. There may be more, but I can’t quite recall them right now! Hope you liked reading this article! 😀