The whole principle of changing your sex as a human is stupid. It is virtually impossible from an anatomical standpoint! Let me explain:

Humans are born in one of the following categories – male, female, intersex. Unlike other animals, mammals have very defined reproductive roles and have evolved to benefit from this sexual specialization. Apes cannot be hermaphrodites, like worms or certain fishes, which means they can’t choose which sexual organs they develop based on environmental factors or social dynamics.

It is important to know if a person was born with a specific sex due to something called sexual dimorphism. Certain body parts act differently in males and certain reproductive aspects are only present in females. From testicular cancer to menstruation – there is a plethora of aspects we need to take into consideration here! Doctors don’t really care that much about your appearance  because your genetics have programmed you already.

That is why the term “sex change” is stupid! It is called a “gender reassignment surgery”. Which is also stupid: it implies that transgender people only have one option in life, and that is to perfectly mimic the opposite gender (as if the whole gender spectrum had just 2 options).

Sadly, this gender reassignment surgery is often done with very little consideration to the patient, mostly in underdeveloped or unsafe countries (because of the huge costs in “first world” countries). Other risky procedures include facial remodeling (can leave you disfigured), pitch-altering surgery (can leave you muted) and estrogen / testosterone injections (artificial hormones destabilize your entire organism).

This is why passports and IDs should include biological sex and prefered gender. If people were allowed to freely express themselves the way they truly believe suits them, through clothing or pronouns, then the need to hide behind the gender binary would not be so desirable. For a young kid, it is a terrifying thought that the only way they will fit in is by going under the knife because “it was on TV”. After all, gender disphoria is a psychological trauma, not a physical disfigurement. If parents and society in general stopped imposing gender stereotypes on kids, I wonder if any of them would ever want to be 100% womanly / manly ! Non-binary representation matters!

I am not against gender reassignment – just like mammary implants or botox, some people might enjoy it, others not so much. But please don’t normalize the idea that being transgender requires sterilization or surgery. You are the same person, with the same identity, no matter how much you try to remodel yourself! Let people live their true selves and stop imposing your religious “values” onto them!