Toothaches can be a terrible annoyance! Young people experience this issue quite often, mostly due to temperature sensitivity (hot/cold foods & drinks) or decay. As we grow older, a different issue emerges!

Wisdom teeth are pretty much pointless from an evolutionary point of view, yet they keep reappearing in almost every generation. The unluckiest of people have a complete set of third molars (4 of them) that can start emerging as early as the adolescence.

What happens next, you might ask? Well, that depends on  a lot of factors!

Firstly, these molars are not guaranteed to emerge perpendicularly to the jawline. They can grow in a tilted fashion (and sometimes even remain completely hidden beneath your gums). When a wisdom tooth pops up, the inflammation around it is called pericoronitis.


Secondly, wisdom teeth can easily develop decay due to food residue getting stuck between their tips and the skin flaps. This can lead to even more pain and severe infections!

In order to fully “see” them, you have to go to a medical clinic and ask for a dental scan. It only takes one minute to complete. Here is mine, so you can get a better idea of what it looks like:


If your third molars emerge vertically, you can decide to keep them. In this case, preventive measures should be taken: better oral hygiene and anti inflammatory remedies.


If they are angular or horizontal, they should be surgically removed. A friend of mine has recently gone through this process, which means I can share her experience in detail with all of you!

She underwent surgery under full anesthesia. It took a total of 135 minutes to complete a full extraction (all four teeth). She now has a swollen face and medicinal thread where the molars used to be. For the next two weeks, her gums will remain inflammated and painful. She will only be able to eat pastes or drink liquids.  Hopefully she makes a full recovery! 😀

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