Start this week with a bunch of great songs! These tunes will keep you captivated with their smart lyrics and catchy beats!

Without further addo, enjoy this playlist:

1) Savages – Marina and the Diamonds 

“We’re just animals still learning to behave!”

A very powerful pop song, talking about the lack of humanity in today’s society. One of her best works to date!

2) Soda – Azealia Banks 

“I tried to hide behind tired eyes, I sigh.”

When you first hear this tune, it feels quite bubbly and optimistic. It is actually a testimony of Azealia’s fight with anxiety and substance abuse.

3) God is a Woman – Ariana Grande

”If you confess, you might get blessed.”

Watching Ariana evolve as a pop diva is very satisfying. She has become more mature with age – and this song perfectly showcases her true potential, both vocally and emotionally!

4) Any Other World – Mika

“I tried to live alone, but lonely is so lonely, alone.”

I love this song so much! I grew up with Mika’s debut album and this tune was one of my favorites! It talks about embracing change and setting yourself free after big disappointments!

5) Enjoy The Silence – Depeche Mode

“Words are very unnecessary – they can only do harm.”

A timeless masterpiece about unspoken emotional confessions between two people experiencing love at its zenith.

6) Bloody Mary – Lady Gaga

“When you’re gone, I’ll tell them my religion is you.”

Dark and twisted, this is one of Gaga’s rebellious love ballads sung from the perspective of Mary Magdalene. The artist herself explains the lyrics in an interview, saying that they talk about how a woman is supposed to be “real” and “a superstar” at the same time.

7) Another Brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd

“We don’t need no thought controll!”

A true classic! So many years after its release, the lyrics still feel fresh and the message of individuality is just as vivid!

8) Earth Song – Michael Jackson 

“Did you ever stop to notice all the children dead from war?”

Nostalgia hits again! I remember watching the official music video on MTV back when I was a kid.

9) Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

“I’m a shooting star leaping through the sky!”

Do you feel the urge to jump around and dance to this timeless tune? Me too! There are so many original metaphors in the lyrics – especially the one about Lady Godiva.

10) The Crying Game – Nicki Minaj 

“I’m just abusive by nature, not ‘cause I hate ya.”

Experience a softer side of Minaj with this soulful track. Her flow is smooth and the lyrics are quite edgy!


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