Religion is a difficult subject to approach nowadays! You can either choose to fully believe in what preachers and bibles tell you or to completely ignore the traditions and embrace scientifical facts.

Sadly, science has never been about numbers and formulas. The whole reason so many discoveries have been made is that people wanted to uncover the misteries of life, the unexplainable parts of our universe. Science is, in its essence, a journey through life.

While surfing the internet, I stumbled upon an interesting article about tesseracts (also known as hypercubes). In mathematics, these are the 4D equivalent of regular 3D cubes.  So far so good!

I tried googling some photos of these geometrical shapes and found out that they are impossible to portray in our three dimensional world, just like you cannot draw a cube in just two dimensions.

Not all hope was lost though: since the shadow of a cube is a square, the shadow of a tesseract must be a 3D object. Which means, it is visible to us, humans. And it looks like this:


At first glance, the sketch looks like two unequal cubes joined together by connectors. Fact is, a tesseract is actually made out of 8 cubes, puzzled together into a symmetrical form, just like the 6 square faces that form a regular cube. You can watch this video to see how the shadow moves when you start rotating the hypercube.

What does all of this have to do with religion, you might ask. Well, I am no expert in either math or christianity, but as far as I can understand, there are a few interesting parallels we can trace between the 4D world and the Bible.

1) invisibility

We cannot see the fourth dimension because our eyes have not evolved in a four-dimensional world. We can only know for sure it exists because it is mathematically proven to function, but nobody will ever be able to actually see or fully comprehend it.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Nobody can actually see spirits or ghosts, let alone Heaven or Hell. These apparently magical planes of existence are beyond our ability of comprehension. What if we simply traverse into a higher dimension upon death?

2) paradoxes

Levitation? Virgin birth? Anti-gravity water? Most of these are very easy to explain by looking at how objects “act” in the fourth dimension.

Mathematicians have just started to  understand what happens to regular shapes, like hypercubes and hyperspheres in a 4D environment, let alone complex life forms. Here is a nice video that will help you visualise the entire process of 4D to 3D conversion.

Just like that, Jesus being lifted to the skies, Moses parting the Red Sea or Mary giving birth while still a virgin, are no longer scientifically impossible situations, but mere 4D interactions with our 3D world. We only see parts of the entire process, because we have limited visual abilities. For our ancestors, stories like this must have been tremendously confusing.

3) omnipresence

They say God is everywhere. That isn’t much of a stretch from how hypercubes work: you see, these 4D shapes don’t just bend the laws of our universe, but also space itself.

While we can only move using the XYZ axis, 4D beings could potentially traverse 3D time and space with ease because of the extra W axis. They would not go under or above obstacles, around or beyond planets – they would simply move in and out of our space.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article! It was written as a way to bridge the gap between theists and atheists. Who knows what discoveries the future awaits? Hopefully, one day we will all understand where life actually came from. 😀