Why not make your life a little bit easier, starting at home? This article is designed to help you find easy solutions to some everyday problems and also save some coin on the way!

Without further ado, let’s start with:

1) contact lens solution + piercings

The same way you use your special solution to clean your contact lenses, you can use it to sterilize body piercings and earrings. You only need to soak the pieces of jewelry for 15 minutes and they are good to go!

2) vacuum cleaner + essential oils

Most professional vacuum cleaners come with a water tank that helps retain dust and dirt particles. You can use that water to your advantage! Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils just before the cleaning process and your house will smell like fresh laundry in no time!

3) baking powder + rusty cutlery

In a tall cup, mix a pack of baking powder with water. Add your rusty scissors or kitchen gadgets to the mix and wait for at least 30 minutes! The items you placed inside the cup should be clean and shiny afterwards.

4) plastic bags + chopped meat

Want to store some fresh fish or chicken in the freezer? Don’t shove the whole animal inside! Cut the meat into smaller meal-sized pieces and put these into plastic bags. It will help tremendously when defrosting food for your next dinner!

5) shopping bags + recyclable materials

Do you find yourself stuck with a bunch of useless paper/plastic bags when you return from a shopping trip? Don’t throw them away just yet!

Use them as a second garbage can for your paper, cardboard, plastic and metal wrappigs/leftovers! Not only will you fill your regular trash can much slower, but you will also end up with a bunch of stuff you can turn in for a few bucks at any recycling facility!

6) shoe boxes + lingerie

Why buy drawer dividers from department stores when you can just use old shoe boxes instead? They are the perfect size  to store all your bowties, underwear, bathing suits and socks!

You can be creative and even use the box lids to create more compartments inside the boxes!

7) plastic bottles + seeds

Do you need some cheap plant pots for your spinach or basil seeds? Don’t buy them from a store! Use plastic bottles or yoghurt cups instead! Depending on the size of the plants/containers, you can create a practical organic garden with little to no investment!

BONUS HINT: You can also use the food leftovers you separated from the recyclable materials (*5) to create compost for your plants!