This post is dedicated to some of the most atrocious designer goods available in stores.

There should be enough proof here to convince you that not all expensive items are actually worth their hefty pricetags.

1) Valentino – the camo tie dye butterfly disaster

Mixing “manly” prints with “dainty” insects has got to be the worst concept collage I have ever seen by this brand!


Add to the mix some retro tie dye and you have obtained something resembling a drug addict’s nightmare. I get the impression that this brand is trying too hard to be cool in order to captivate a younger audience.

2) Gucci – free advertising on all products

What better way to cut costs on advertising than to print your logo on some cheap cotton shirts?


Even better, spell the brand name wrong to seem hip and trendy!

How is this considered luxury? I get the whole “create more buzz around the brand” marketing strategy, but this is getting ridiculous!

3) Balenciaga – beachfront souvenir shop aesthetic

Do you remember going on vacation and looking for a pair of sunglasses or a beach towel because you forgot to pack any? The stress of running to the nearest souvenir shop and making a difficult decision?

No need to worry anymore! Balenciaga has got you covered!


You never have to put effort into walking to a souvenir shop again! You can simply skip the drama and purchase these affordable items online and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. They will only set you back a couple grand! 😀

Seriously though, those Crocs platforms are burning my retinas!

4) Chanel – anything jelly-like basically

Most of us remember the (in)famous Furla candy bags of the mid 2000s!

Far few of us, however, know that the French fashion house Chanel has had its own take on the silicone trend.


Not sure how these are supposed to be “Parisian chic”. Maybe Karl Lagerfeld could find a rational explanation for this phenomenon, just like he did with the whole fashion industry sexual abuse scandal.

5) Louis Vuitton – artsy-fartsy failures

With a brand history spanning across three centuries, it is hard to believe that products like these can even see the light of day!


Not only do they sell for humongous amounts of coin, but they are also fashion editor approved! Why is this happening?

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